Who We Are
Hundreds of hectares and area cultivated with medicinal and aromatic plants make Albania a leader in the production and export of these natural resources. Albania is one of the great growers of medicinal and aromatic herbs, exported mainly to the United States and some European countries. Malësia e Madhe takes the first place for the amount of collection of these plants. Since 1992, Zagora Shpk, is one of the main consolidators in this area and by improving its processing capacity it will be able to better accommodate the growing volume of dried MAPs supplied by the producers in Koplik and other surrounding areas. We are positioned in one of the most favored areas in Albania for the production of medicinal and aromatic herbs. Zagora Shpk offers an infrastructure and a high quality service according European conditions. We collect the plants in the country, make the processing and packaging according to the highest standards and then export.
Where We Go - Exports
Where We Go - Exports
Medical and aromatic plants are considered as a natural asset with high benefits economics in Albania. Their processing industry plays an important role in one's income of our country. We are happy that Zagora Shpk since 1997 plays a very important role in this industry, exporting to countries like: Italy, Germany, France, Spain and United States. Some of our objectives are expanding exports, refining production and processing technology, increasing financial and human capacity, always offering quality and standards.
Plants for export
Salvia Officionalis - Lavandulae Officionalis - Saturea Montain - Juniperis Comunis - Thymus Vulgaris - Primulae Veris - Hyperici Italikum - Centauri - Rubi Ideus - Agni Casti - Myrteli Frutckus - Trifoli
Myrteli frutckus
Primulae veris
Salvia Officionalis
Shfleto Galerine